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With Marcia Drut-Davis
August 31st, 2012 by Marcia Davis

I Won’t Stop!

Two years and counting. I can’t find an agent or publisher interested in my memoir, “Confessions Of A Childless Woman”. I get rave reviews about the good writing, the teaching and the emotional pull on a reader’s heart. However, I also get the reaction that choice is out there and therefore the topic is not necessary now! Really?

How many of you are still met with confusion and bewilderment after sharing you don’t want to have children? Or, do you get the feeling after they say, “Well….that’s your choice!”  they walk away tsk tsk tsking in their own minds thinking you’ll regret that choice? How many still pretend you’re infertile? Or, if you learn that as a fact, you feel “less than others” as a human? How many of you are getting pressured by pronatalism as your biological time clock keeps ticking in your head?

I won’t stop! Somewhere out there in publishing land, there’s an agent or publisher who will wrap their heart around the importance of hearing from a pioneer in the world of childfreedom. If not, self publication is another option. This book will be published. I promise you that.


2 Responses to “I Won’t Stop!”
  1. Jessica Reed says

    Self-published or not, let us know when it’s out!

  2. Just self publish – screw the agents! I’m sure you would have enough interest judging by comments and feedback on this blog. You could produce an e-book that wouldn’t cost much. Your posts have been a great read for me today, and I think others like me (considering childfree/on the fence) would very much like to hear your experiences. I’m surprised no agents have picked up on this as a selling point! There must be millions of people my age (34), time ticking, having to decide what path to take. Keep us updated would love to hear more.

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