Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis

Childfree Group Cruise




Dec 3-10th, 2017 to the coast of Mexico, Aboard NCL’s “The Getaway”!

I clearly remember the first time I met a group of non-parents. (That’s what we were called back in the days of the roaming dinosaurs!) I was suspicious, maybe a bit fearful! Who were these people? Would I enjoy them? Could I have meaningful friendships with them? Would they like me? It’s similar to becoming part of any new group.

From the moment I entered the animated room, filled with awesome people, I knew I found a beginning to my life that would enrich, educate and support my choice to remain childfree by choice. The friendships I made there started me on this long journey to make our lifestyle as viable and respected as any parenting choice.

In the last three years, after I published my memoir, “Confessions of a Childfree Woman” on Amazon, I had the idea of bringing people together for a longer time, on a vacation to remember.

Our first cruise was in 2015. There were 14 of us. We now have over 20 people, and growing, on this next adventure into friendships, laughter, and learning how lovely it is to be with like-minded people. Not one person will ask, “So? How many kids do YOU have?” Not one person will scoff, “Aren’t you selfish?” hearing you opted for none. In fact, the friendships and joy in simply enjoy a week together will vibrate long after the cruising experience is over.

I’ve met people who wanted to experience this and meet me from as far as Australia. (You just read that right!) She and I are now connected for a lifetime.

So, you’re warmly invited to ask for info at I’ll send you the information. But, hurry! This is a much sought after cruise line and ship! Cabins are going very quickly. Some of us have had our reservation for over one year.

I look forward to seeing you connect, hearing you sometimes vent and enjoying the meaningful time spent with -minded people.

Love you all,

Jim and Marcia


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