Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis
June 2nd, 2020 by Marcia Davis

The Need For Childfree Friends.

When I first became aware that I wasn’t the only person on the planet not wanting to birth or raise my own children, it was a mind-blower. After reading “The Baby Trap”, in 1973, the author, Ellen Peck, suggested meeting other like-minded people in the New York area. I hungered for childfree friends.

That was 45 years ago. Since then, I’ve walked down the path of being an advocate and passionate supporter of the childfree lifestyle. The childfree friends I’ve made throughout this world, through my two books, guest speaking engagements, social media and word of mouth have been gifts in my life.

When I started hosting my childfree friends support cruises, it was to give people the chance to really bond with others. It wasn’t an ephemeral moment on a Facebook site, a tweet or an Instagram post. It was a full week of being with childfree friends.

Many have told me that one week changed their lives. One even wrote a heart wrenching chapter in my second book. After returning from that vacation, being validated, supported and respected by childfree friends her life changed. Having those heart connections gave her the courage to be whom she is without fear.

Another past cruiser, emerged from her cabin to become a fierce warrior. Hearing from our guest speakers and her newfound childfree friends, gave her courage to be as proud as any parent. She found her butterfly wings from her insulated cocoon of fear. She’s still heart connected to her group she met!

Even now, with a worldwide pandemic, I’m booking two cruises for childfree friends. One is January 31-Feb 8th of 2021. It’s for the Southern Caribbean Islands from Puerto Rico. That ship has studios for singles! (Unheard of in this industry.) Where can singles go for an entire week for around 1200.00 with free entertainment, free drinks, free food, free wifi, and a shore excursion credit for a port trip? For two in a cabin, it’s around 2800.00. The other one is for Alaska, a bucket list cruise… August 11-18th. Pricing is higher because it’s a trip only in the summer and most wanted.

My joy would be to welcome you on board one or both cruises. All deposits (125.00 pp) are refundable and go with their protective “PEACE OF MIND policy from Norwegian Cruise Lines for safety and concerns for all onboard. Trust me. At 77, I’m not taking any chances. Life is too precious.

Email me for all info.

I want to help you see joy in finding childfree friends and will do my best to make this a vacation to remember.




2 Responses to “The Need For Childfree Friends.”
  1. There are more and more people making the choice to live a child free life. It’s amazing when we can find other CH individuals through social media and be able to offer support and a judgement free listening ear to each other.

  2. Thank you so much for being in part of the childfree movement.

    Being childfree, I always get abused from social pressure. Family, friends, and partner don’t understand me and often try to change, put pressure and guilt me to be “the norm”.

    I was often confused about who I am. I’m so grateful to find you and knowing that I’m not alone. Be able to accept that I’m just the “left-handed person in the right-handed society” and don’t feel guilty about being true to myself.

    That’s how everything should be in this world. People being treated equally and respectfully regardless of race, gender, and everything else.

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