Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis
June 16th, 2012 by Marcia Davis

Father’s Day Lament

Tomorrow is another celebration of Father’s Day in America. Many dads will be treated to gifts, cards and family gatherings in their honor. Yet, many fathers will not hear from their children, feel the pain of rejection or isolated from the very children they willingly gave their hearts and souls to.

There are no guarantees that every man who has fathered a child will have their children’s love returned. Some children remain trapped in dysfunctional or irrational anger issues. Some children are not able to appreciate those things their father did for them. Some children are isolated from their dad’s from angry ex-wives who have poisoned their minds with false accusations.

Some father’s don’t deserve love from their children! They may have focused on their careers when they should have been present in their children’s lives. They may have become an alcoholic, drug addict or abused their kids. Just the name “mother” or ‘father” is not enough to be worthy of respect, love and admiration. It must be earned. It must be appreciated.

I am a lucky one. My dad was loved and knew that love from me. I have placed a Father’s Day card next to his photo and wish he was alive so I could tell him how much I miss him.


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