Hello Marcia,

I finished your book a few days ago and enjoyed it very much,  I agree with the person who stated on your blog that you are a pioneer for the child-free.  Your book was a new child-free book that I had never read before and liked the insights you offered.

I have put The Baby Trap my wish list and will check out a copy or buy an out of print copy from Amazon.com or another online bookseller.

I was sorry to read that your Step-Daughters are estranged from your Husband and you.  That must be very painful.  Thanks for sharing that with the reader.  I understand the true reason why you are child-free now after reading the book.  You enjoyed life so much and had so much to do.  You gave back in so many ways to your students throughout the years.  I enjoyed reading the stories of the friendships you formed with your past students that survive to the current day.

Thanks so much for writing this for us.  It is needed and will be read by many.

Kind regards,Cynthia Southern