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With Marcia Drut-Davis
May 12th, 2019 by Marcia Davis

A Non-Mother’s Mothers’ Day

We don’t need title of ‘Mother’ to be valued as women

I am not a mother of any child. It is a carefully chosen choice. Sadly, I have been labeled as selfish, hedonistic and irresponsible. I am far from those perceptions. In my opinion, I have mothered (or nurtured) in many other beautiful ways.

I have nurtured children as a dedicated teacher. Many are still heart connected. One calls me, “Marma” (Marcia/grandma) to her child. I have nurtured gardens helping bees to pollinate. I am nurturing a rescued Chihuahua. I have nurtured other family, friends’ and neighbors’ children.

Do not get me wrong; I applaud those women dedicated to mothering biological, adopted or fostered children. However, they are seen as being perfect just by the name of “mother” when many never deserve that recognition.

So, on Mother’s Day, I sing praises to those who cannot have, should not have or chose not to be mothers. I applaud those women serving and protecting our country. I love professionals who give of their hearts in careers dedicated to children. To many who volunteer at Big/Brothers/Sisters or Meals on Wheels or a myriad of other nurturing organization, I salute you.

Mother’ Day should be a day to value all women who nurture in whatever ways seem right for them. For me, it’s not about having children, It’s about being valued as women without the title of “Mother.”

Marcia Davis, Stuart


2 Responses to “A Non-Mother’s Mothers’ Day”
  1. Kristen says

    I’m 40 and I look 30, so I continue to get questioned for not having kids and that I will change my mind. How do I shut people up?

    • Marcia Davis says

      Just say, “Well….you may be right!” Notice…I’m NOT saying they ARE right! I’m giving permission for them to be right because they will never be wrong! Then, walk away and giggle because this is the best lifestyle on the planet!

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