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  1. Hi Marcia,

    As a CF woman, I’ve come across your story a few times on CF blogs and forums. I think you were brave to “come out” at a time when society was so hostile toward CF people. Thank you for sharing your story. I haven’t even told my family I’m CF but I guess I’m gonna have to soon, since I’m married and just turned 30 haha

    Would you be interested in checking out a new childfree website? I’ve just launched a childfree dating/networking website earlier this week. 50 people have signed up so far.

    I frequent a few childfree forums and I keep coming across these stories of childfree people dating and receiving judgmental messages from strangers on dating sites and being incessantly questioned by intrusive dates. There have even been many stories of long-term relationships falling apart because the non-CF partner has been waiting for the CF partner to change his/her mind the whole time. All these stories sound horrible.

    I met my husband when we were in our early 20s and we decided to be CF together. I know I’d be going through the same thing if I didn’t luck out with my relationship.

    So that’s how I decided to build a website just for CF people to find one another. Wanting or not wanting kids is a dealbreaker issue and there needs to be a place where CF people can date and get into relationships without the fear that their partner secretly wants kids.

    I launched YesChildfree on reddit’s /r/childfree and I got some feedback that the CF people who already have partners would also like to be able to use it to find friends. It gets tough to find CF friends as you get older. So I expanded YesChildfree to allow for couples and people who are just looking for friends.

    I know several childfree dating sites have closed down because there’s not enough members or funding. I’ve deliberately designed YesChildfree to be simple and economical. That way, I can keep it running for as long as it takes to build a large enough database for it to be self-supporting.

    I mean, there are dating sites out there for horse lovers, clowns, cat lovers, bikers, gluten-free people, baby/diaper fetishists, hot sauce aficionados, sea captains, salad lovers, farmers, Star Trek fans, and people who think they’re vampires. I refuse to believe childfree people are more niche than them. 😉

    When you have the time, please check out YesChildfree. If you like it, maybe consider joining us or adding it to your resources ebook.

    Thank you! Hope you’ll like the site.


    PS. You may want to fix the missing form on your Contact Me page. I first tried that page and was a bit stumped when I didn’t see a form, until I explored your site a little more. 🙂

    • Marcia Davis says

      Thanks for contacting me. I’m thrilled to see yet another source to help those choosing the CF lifestyle.Finding like-minded singles seems to be quite a challenge! I’ll surely go to your cite! I’m not that familiar with reddit!
      Go to my group cruise email: I’ll answer there.
      The sad fact remains that society still is hostile to those choosing this lifestyle. Yes. More don’t face the criticism or shunning from family and friends. However, it’s still considered to be a selfish,irresponsible choice.
      I’m hosting a CF group cruise next December, 2016. Perhaps we should talk about reaching singles together?
      I’ll have my social media person check out that form you mentioned! Thanks for that heads up.
      HOpe to speak soon.

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