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January 30th, 2015 by Marcia Davis


You just read that right. All through last year, fighting cancer, I kept thinking when I won the battle of this awful disease, I wanted to meet the many childfree-by-choice people who have shown their love, support and gratitude. This is the opportunity I dreamed about. I’m working with a wonderful travel agency , K&E International, who got us a deal you can’t refuse!

The cruise leaves December 6-13, out of Miami, Florida to The Caribbean. It stops for a full day in a privately owned NCL island, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Cozumel.

Imagine being with like minded people who’ll never ask you, “How many kids to you have?” Or when you answer, will never say, “Why? or, “How selfish!”

The speaker we’re having on board is stellar in the land of the childfree: LAURA SCOTT, the author of, “Two Is Enough” will be with us!

What fun we’ll have not to mention the cruise line itself! It’s the luxurious NCL GETAWAY. It’s only one year old! You won’t believe it’s beauty and what it offers on board. The on-land excursions are guaranteed to be childfree as we have our own land agency for that! All stops on the itinerary offer a full day of fun unlike many cruise ships who only dock for a few hours!

If you’re interested …HURRY! Email me Say you heard about this from my blog! I’ll attach all the exciting info.  We only have a certain amount of of saved cabins at the price offered. We have more inquiries than cabins! All the cabins around me and Jim are already booked. ( Steve Harvey hawked this ship on a recent TV show with on-board videos!)

Much love to all. Hope to see you on-board and helping to make a memory we’ll long remember.

Marcia Drut-Davis


October 16th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Are Childfree People Wealthy”

Recently, on my facebook book site ( , I asked the above question. Here’s one reply that got to me:

“Not having kids allows me to be more generous with my money. Instead of having to feed an offspring, I often donate to nursing homes, single moms, missionary groups, and the humane society. That kind of financial generosity would not be possible from me if I had to feed, clothe, and support a child of my own”.

For myself, after being black-listed from teaching from my 60 Minutes exposure where I announced I never wanted kids,  my pension lost money I would have had if I taught straight through to retirement. My husband and I aren’t poor… but far from wealthy. The antiquated notion that not having children allows us to be filthy rich is just that, antiquated and ignorant. Sure some have more. But, as this wonderful follower shared, she gives of it to many worthwhile charities. People may not know that and list her as a selfish or irresponsible person just because she’s childfree.

So dear followers, I will open this blog post to your comments. It’s you who must be heard and not always me. You’re the heart of this important movement. The more we share, the more we learn, educate and can touch others.

Does not having children make you a wealthy person or couple? I look forward to your heartfelt comments.




March 28th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

To parent or not to parent, that is the question.

Choosing to become a parent naturally, though in-vitro , step parenting, adoption, surrogacy or foster care, is an awesome responsibility. It’s also a choice marred through society’s pronatal expectations.  No matter how many people say, “It’s now acceptable not to have children!”, there’s still an underlying feeling of suspicion towards the childfree. They are secretly thought of as immature, hedonistic or selfish.

Why did you choose to have or not have children? Or, have you faced the agony of infertility?

My memoir, “Confession of a Childless Woman” traces a lifestyle of living without raising children of my own. Unlike other books, this memoir shares the pushing and pulling throughout my life questioning whether I made the right choice. People may argue that was my maternal instinct. I disagree, firmly believing it was the effects of pronatalism.

The first few chapter shares how and why I chose not to parent. There are other chapters about my life-changing experience being on “60 Minutes”, pronatalism, the men in my life, menopause and step-parenting.

There are several topics: sharing feelings about the choice to parent, parenting education, the sensitive challenge of infertility , grandparenting, pronatalism , the Dugger family, Father’s & Mother’s Day, Parenting topics in the News, taxation and whether or not there’s any parental instinct. Feel free to answer any or all of these topics. See the other topics under, “Recent Posts” and click on them.

I will answer any questions you have and welcome all your responses whether positive or negative. As soon as my book is published, I will post that exciting news.