Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis
April 19th, 2011

Are we being pressured into choosing parenting?

Ellen Peck’s infamous 1974 book “The baby Trap” was the first time I ever heard of the word “pronatalism”. Once I read the definition and began to see how social expectations, media, the arts, and religion suggest normalcy as becoming a parent, I went on a hunt to find proof pronatalism existed. I found, and still find, ads in magazines and TV selling their products with children depicted.That product may have nothing to do with children but there they are! I’ve heard songs echo great love, joy and  fulfillment about having children. Only recently did a song speak of abuse (Crystal Bowersox, “Farmer’s Daughter”) or parents needing a drink raising teenage daughters. (Martina Mcbride, “Teenage Daughters”) Weddings are seen as the start of a family of more than two when people don’t even know if the couple want,  should have or can have children!

Are you aware of pronatalism? I invite you to watch your TV ads. What is the product or service being “sold”? Is it directly related to children or are children in that ad used to suggest it’s the goal of every person on this planet? Are the children all pretty, sweet, adoring? What’s being sold other than the product?What pressures have you felt through pronatalism?

In m book, “Confessions of a Childless Woman”, I share how my life was threatened and how I lost my beloved career of teaching for 16 years as a result of pronatalism.

March 28th, 2011

To parent or not to parent, that is the question.

Choosing to become a parent naturally, though in-vitro , step parenting, adoption, surrogacy or foster care, is an awesome responsibility. It’s also a choice marred through society’s pronatal expectations.  No matter how many people say, “It’s now acceptable not to have children!”, there’s still an underlying feeling of suspicion towards the childfree. They are secretly thought of as immature, hedonistic or selfish.

Why did you choose to have or not have children? Or, have you faced the agony of infertility?

My memoir, “Confession of a Childless Woman” traces a lifestyle of living without raising children of my own. Unlike other books, this memoir shares the pushing and pulling throughout my life questioning whether I made the right choice. People may argue that was my maternal instinct. I disagree, firmly believing it was the effects of pronatalism.

The first few chapter shares how and why I chose not to parent. There are other chapters about my life-changing experience being on “60 Minutes”, pronatalism, the men in my life, menopause and step-parenting.

There are several topics: sharing feelings about the choice to parent, parenting education, the sensitive challenge of infertility , grandparenting, pronatalism , the Dugger family, Father’s & Mother’s Day, Parenting topics in the News, taxation and whether or not there’s any parental instinct. Feel free to answer any or all of these topics. See the other topics under, “Recent Posts” and click on them.

I will answer any questions you have and welcome all your responses whether positive or negative. As soon as my book is published, I will post that exciting news.