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With Marcia Drut-Davis
October 16th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Are Childfree People Wealthy”

Recently, on my facebook book site ( , I asked the above question. Here’s one reply that got to me:

“Not having kids allows me to be more generous with my money. Instead of having to feed an offspring, I often donate to nursing homes, single moms, missionary groups, and the humane society. That kind of financial generosity would not be possible from me if I had to feed, clothe, and support a child of my own”.

For myself, after being black-listed from teaching from my 60 Minutes exposure where I announced I never wanted kids,  my pension lost money I would have had if I taught straight through to retirement. My husband and I aren’t poor… but far from wealthy. The antiquated notion that not having children allows us to be filthy rich is just that, antiquated and ignorant. Sure some have more. But, as this wonderful follower shared, she gives of it to many worthwhile charities. People may not know that and list her as a selfish or irresponsible person just because she’s childfree.

So dear followers, I will open this blog post to your comments. It’s you who must be heard and not always me. You’re the heart of this important movement. The more we share, the more we learn, educate and can touch others.

Does not having children make you a wealthy person or couple? I look forward to your heartfelt comments.





4 Responses to “Are Childfree People Wealthy””
  1. Angela Hon-Fuego says

    No, definitely not. One of the major reasons why we don’t have children is finance. We earn enough to be a little more than sufficient, but I know for sure we would become poor if we have children, unless we sell our home for a smaller place and stop saving for retirement, then we might be able to afford having children. But of course, these actions are unheard of and unwise. Basically, both of us have a stable job, but due to the current economic climate, salary increment simply has not caught up with inflation, so our net income has actually reduced. If we still insist on having children under these financial circumstances, then I believe our actions would be very irresponsible.

    • marciadavis says

      I love your honesty and rational thinking. Keep on keeping on enjoying the beauty of the childfree lifestyle.

  2. BranFlan says

    Thanks for using my comment. Hopefully it will encourage more people, childfree or not, to give generously time or money! I’d like to start helping with serving the poor on Thanksgiving as well.

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