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With Marcia Drut-Davis
April 9th, 2012 by Marcia Davis

The Childfree By Choice Still Need Support

Repeatedly, I’ve been told there’s no need for this blog or my memoir, “Confession of a Childless Woman”. People can now choose not to become parents. That’s correct. Yet, if that choice is openly shared, I’m told there’s still the negative stigma aimed at the childfree.

Recently, I posted on goodhousekeepingonyourmind and If you want to read rude comments of anger and annoyance, go there and look for the comments made towards “oldernonparent’. It still blows me away to see such hostility towards those who are open and honest about not choosing the life-long career of raising a child. And, I’m touched by those who still tell me to keep on… keeping on.

What do you think? Is the choice of not raising kids still seen as a negative, selfish decision? Are people openly admitting to this choice or are they still hiding this choice making family and friends think they are putting off kids or can’t have them?


2 Responses to “The Childfree By Choice Still Need Support”
  1. I think you’re right. We say that woman are free to make a decision not to have children, but in all actuality I’m pretty certain society doesn’t support this decision at all. I think we have a long way to go before our actions match our words.

    • marciawp says

      Delicious to have a real post from a real woman who is helping others. I’m honored.
      People always tell me it’s no big deal these days to honestly tell people there’s been a choice not to raise kids. The responses heard may be, “Sure! A lot of friends feel the same way.” Then, they walk away thinking,”Hedonistic, selfish bitch”. Advertising still sells products having nothing to do with children, with babies depicted as a normal way of family life.. (It’s usually an adorable baby and rarely a snarky teenager.) Even with more TV shows showing better reality, it’s with a lot of humor with all the challenges solved within the time constraints of that show.
      One of the posts on your own wonderful blog was from a mom being pressured by her son to have a sibling. Even kids want to keep up with the norm!(I answered that post today.)
      Thanks for being with me as I continue to swim against the stream. It’s good to have a buddy along the way.

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