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With Marcia Drut-Davis
May 10th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

Should the childfree be taxed for education of children?

There’s a recent discussion as to whether or not people choosing a childfree lifestyle should be taxed for the education of other people’s children. I think back to living on Long Island. I had no children. The family across the street from me had 8. We both paid the same amount in taxes. Is that fair?

I’ve also heard an opinion there should be an exemption for those choosing not to procreate. Your thoughts?



13 Responses to “Should the childfree be taxed for education of children?”
  1. I think so. Yeah. Everyone should be taxed because even if you don’t have kids, there is a societal good to having free education for all kids. The alternative would be to only have education for those who can afford it. We either all chip in for roads, fire departments and schools and libraries or we don’t. We all benefit from these things, even if we never use them. Just my two cents.

  2. When I was child free I never balked at paying for the schools. Most districts levy a tax on housing to pay for it. So, only homeowners are taxed to pay for schools in many places. We supplement that with a sales tax. So really, lots of people with kids are paying no taxes towards schools at all and others are paying more. I don’t think it should be tied to number of kids or lack of kids at all. It’s a societal good that the children that exist in our society be provided with a quality education. If you want a good society then you should be willing to help pay for that. It has nothing to do with whether or not you have kids. I’ve never thought so anyway and I’ve always been happy to pay taxes to support schools. Even when I was childless.

  3. Jennifer says

    This is a sore subject with me… I do NOT believe I should have to pay taxes for schools!! I did not choose to have children, so I don’t think it is necessary to pay, so every brat in the school can have his/her own laptop computer and whatever else they give kids now. I live in one of the countries highest school tax areas, and also one of the largest senior citizen communities in the country. I am not a senior but I do understand how the seniors feel. They are retired, living on a fixed income and they have to pay for other peoples kids to have a billion dollar education. If schools were more like when I went, they would not need so much money.. Somehow, people have gotten clouded judgement about children needing to have a decent education, and yet, I AM SMARTER than said children…I cannot believe how stupid children are these days. I listen to them talk and they sound like blithering idiots…sorry, but, NO I don’t want to pay for your retard to have an education, especially for all those “spectrum disorder” classes…when most parents should stop feeding their children MSG laden crap food and stay at home and cook a meal here and there for their kids so they don’t have ADD and ADHD…Perhaps we could spend less on school if parents actually parented their children and stopped letting an idiot box do it for them.. and now that I am getting off topic I will stop here.

    • marciawp says

      You won’t win anyone with words such as “brats” and “retards”.They are terrible words that will never win you any arguments.
      I agree that many kids labeled as ADHD could use better foods and nutritional support but there are no parenting classes to teach this before people have children.
      I do feel we should pay taxes for education. That’s how our education was funded , wasn’t it? However, I don’t feel it’s fair if I have none and the person across the street has 5 and we pay the same taxes.

    • IMHO you’ve got the right asnewr!

  4. Many many quality points there.

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