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June 15th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Weekend Reading List: 6/14/2013

Childfree Weekend Reading List

Hello childfree men and women.  The weather in South Florida is finally starting to clear up.  Maybe I’ll go to the beach with Jim or take Pipa to the park. I’ve had a busy week with my book coming out in softcover. I’ve been signing books for family and friends because the two week special allows them to purchase it at a lower fee before the real launch.  I want to relax.  I need to relax. I will relax. Ah yes. The joys of being childfree.

Whether you’ll be relaxing by the pool this weekend, punching the time clock or taking a week-end course , take time for yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? If you take some time to read this edition of the childfree weekend reading list, I think you’ll love it. Please let me know what you think of this list in a comment below.  I love hearing from people in the childfree community.  This is your place to have your voice heard.

Childfree Reading

Childfree/Childless & Looking for Love – Are you looking for a relationship with another childfree man or woman? It can sometimes be difficult to navigate your way around the online dating world.  This article discusses the realities of childfree online dating and gives a couple of tips on how you can find other childfree men and women on major dating sites. Make sure you invite me to your wedding if this article helps you, but please don’t seat me at the table full of uptight people.  Thank you.

Childfree & Childed: Changing the Conversation – This thoughtful blog post talks about improving communication between parents and the childfree.  According to this post, work can be done on both sides to create lasting change for the better.  Are you up for this challenge?  Are you ready to change the way you refer to parents and their lifestyle?  Read this post to find out more.

The Lonely Life Of Child-Free Couples — Not! – Have you had a tough week? Do you need a good laugh? This childfree blog post may be one of the funniest ones that I’ve ever read.  This hilarious “letter” from a happy mom reveals how lonely the childfree must be.  You may burst a seam reading it.  I think I might have to print this one out for my personal collection of comedic writings.   Let me know if you’ll be putting this blog post on your refrigerator.

Childfree By Choice: How Young Is Too Young To Choose? – Why does it have to be so difficult for some women to have a tubal ligation?  This blog post shares the experience of a young lady who is repeatedly denied the opportunity to have her tubes tied.  Do you think doctors should be able to interfere in the lives of their patients like this?  Do you think there is a double standard in the medical community when it comes to reproductive rights?  It seems that doctors will postpone a tubal ligation, but will be more than willing to help a couple conceive a child. What’s your opinion on this issue?  Where you ever told that you were too young to have a tubal ligation or a vasectomy?

What did you think of these childfree blog posts and week-end reading lists?? Did you learn anything new?  Are you still laughing about how lonely we are?  Let your opinion be known in a comment below.

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