Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis
June 18th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Videos: Childfree

The choice to be childfree is an important one that many people make.  This eloquent video was created by a very intelligent 19 year old women.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.  Did you know you would be childfree when you were 19?


2 Responses to “Childfree Videos: Childfree”
  1. Ann Stenkjær says

    I have known about it since I was 12, even made a bet with my dad at 15 that I wouldn’t have kids before I reached 30. I got sterilized at 27 (I am from 1984) and I guess the bet is off because I cheated? It was a 1000 dollar bet, but hey! My parents gained more of my time to hang out with them because I don’t have kids to look after. (Now the question is if that is a good or a bad thing for them?)

    • marciadavis says

      You made me laugh! (I like that feeling.) I hope you used the money for a fun experience.
      As for your parents having more time with you because you’re childfree, only they can answer.
      If they have friends who chided them because they’re not grandparents, that may be another story.
      Parents often feel cheated when they can’t get the icing on the cake of parenting which is supposed to be grandkids. Of course, there’s never any thought that a grandchild changes from that baby to a snarky teen. They can bring unhappiness through being non-responsive, or worse yet, choosing drugs or alcohol.
      Thanks for taking the time to post!

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