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August 20th, 2013 by Marcia Davis


I received an announcement for an upcoming chapter meeting from a wonderful women’s business support group called, ” Women’s Prosperity Network”. I’ve been thinking of joining because I’ve learned that writing a book is the same as having a small business if you want it to reach more people.

I was taken aback when the guest speaker for the next Palm City/Stuart group, chose the topic, “GOING FROM MOMMY TO MOGUL”. OK. It’s the name of her book. I have no objections to that. However, nowhere in the ad for her appearance does it suggest that anyone can learn from her book. When I wrote to the chapter president, who I know to be an incredible, inspiring woman, that night, I received an email from that guest speaker. She was defensive and angry and thought I was writing against her book or the title. OF COURSE NOT! She has the right to have her own niche in writing as I do in writing about the childfree-by-choice.

She’s speaking to a group of women. Period! Women. Is everyone in this support group a mother? Can it be that some are infertile? Or how about the one out of five woman choosing to remain childfree -by- choice?

It’s a dangerous and potentially harmful conclusion to think this topic wouldn’t  be offensive to the women I just mentioned. For those sitting on the fence, it encourages the thought that of course, “success” comes with that revered title of , “Mommy”.

If we want pronatalism to stop, we must take the time to educate and express our feelings. They are real. They are important and, in my opinion, must be heard.

Women’s Prosperity Network is now global. I urge you to share your heartfelt If we sit back, nothing will change. Right?


June 14th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Pronatalistic Article: Giuliana Rancic Wants More Kids: “I’m Italian, I Need a Big Family”

According to this captivating article from Yahoo, all Italian-Americans want to have big families.  That’s quite a stereotype.   I’m sure there are Italian and Italian-American childfree men and women.  What do you think of this article?  Do you know any Italian or Italian-American childfree people?  Are you a childfree and of Italian heritage?

June 13th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Pronatalistic Blog Posts: Can Freezing Your Eggs Help Your Sex Life?

No, the title of this post isn’t a late April Fool’s joke.  You may be surprised, but I actually read this article on Yahoo this morning.  Apparently all women want to have babies and freezing their eggs turns off their biological clocks.  This in turn takes the pressure of starting a family off of their shoulders and allows them to have fun.  Thankfully, we’re childfree and never heard the tick of an internal fertility clock.

So, what do you think of this article?  What’s your reaction? Do you think this article is making the assumption that all women want to be moms?  Do the majority of women you know want to have kids?  Do you think this article is promoting the idea that women can safely have children in their early 40’s?  Do you feel that is a realistic expectation?