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June 12th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

The Soft Cover Edition of My Memoir is on Sale

It took me years to “birth” my memoir. It’s finally available in a soft covered printed format in the US and Europe.  You can benefit from the legacy I’ve created by using the wisdom peppered throughout the book.  You’ll read when and how I knew parenting wasn’t for me,  what happened after exposing that choice on “60 Minutes”, facing menopause when choice was taken away,  being a stepparent and finally, answering the burning question, “Do you have regrets?”.

In my book you’ll find what it was like to be childfree  in the 70’s, what it felt like to be an “other” or shunned by family, friends and media exposure, as well as the occasional emotional roller coaster of self doubt.  You’ll also find valuable lessons on living the childfree lifestyle.  You’ll learn that it was a different time in the world and that the words “childfree” and “pronatalism” were just coming into existence. I suspect those words are still unknown and not accepted by many. Sadly, many childfree-by-choice people will still meet with disapproval or labeled as “selfish” today.

The road we take as childfree men and women may have challenges as any personal lifestyle choice. Childfreedom can be potentially fulfilling and rewarding.  I hope my memoir can be a useful tool to help you create your own childfree legacy to share with pride and dignity.

If you would like to purchase my memoir at the sale price, then please use this link: .

May 30th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

My Memoir is Born


It’s been a long and difficult birth. After four years of labor, experiencing the frustrations of writing, rejection and revisions, my creative “baby” is now available. The EBook is available on (You can read sample chapters by clicking on the book to the left on this page.) Within days of this post, the printed version will also be available. I’m in awe of this accomplishment and how many people share this joy. I’m also shocked at how many people I thought would be supportive, are not. It doesn’t matter. From reading the reviews, hearing the reactions and knowing this book can touch the lives of others, I feel proud.

Yesterday, I saw my first royalty check. After doing a happy dance around my office with my husband Jim and Pippa (our rescued Chihuahua) another thought entered my consciousness. People accused me, in the past, of not being able to “live on” because of not procreating. As more and more readers experience my words, I’m doing that! Touching the future by supporting personal choices society still may label as “selfish”, makes me smile. How many other childless-by-choice (or childfree) people give back to others or this planet  through a myriad of loving, caring ways? How many others suffer unnecessarily because they’re labeled as “barren”?

I pledge to you, my readers and cyber-space family, my commitment to answer any and all questions. No question is “stupid”. If I can’t answer that question, I’ll find another who can. I realize there are many other books out there and encourage you to read as many as you can. What I offer is a mature, experienced lifetime of living in childfreedom. I’m not trying to push it in your face. I will never say having kids is awful if that’s your choice. I will say to be careful. Pronatalism is dangerous and can make you feel you’re crazy for not wanting to raise a child. I urge you to read, “The Baby Matrix” by Laura Carroll ( to learn more about pronatalism. Having or not having children is, in my opinion the most important choice you’ll ever make. Children deserve careful consideration, don’t they? You deserve to be be true to your own wants and wishes in this life.

I look forward to hearing from you on this blog, meeting you at speaking engagements or maybe skyping. Thank you for being there for me and acknowledging this topic is still important when more choices are available… but the myths and pressures live on.


March 22nd, 2013 by Marcia Davis

My Memoir Is Soon Available

Three years after I started my journey, my memoir, “Confessions of a Childfree Woman” is about to be available as an Ebook. It took me three long years but I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel in trying to get a book published.

This memoir shares how I made the difficult choice not to parent and how that choice affected the rest of my life. As a pioneer in the childfree movement I share the shocking betrayal I felt being interviewed on “60 Minutes” . (The results of that TV interview may shock you too.) I delve into the years I spent as a childfree woman  even sharing those times it may have made me sad. The time of menopause suggested another experience I never would have thought would affect me. Being a stepmother gave me insight into how difficult parenting truly is. Finally, I answer the burning question I’m repeatedly asked  of whether or not, as a 70 year old woman, I have any regrets.

Stay tuned. It’s about to be easy to get my memoir.I look forward to how it helps you.