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With Marcia Drut-Davis
June 7th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

The Duggers;warm, happy family or pronatal nightmere?

This AM, there they were again. The Duggers sat with their 19 children. Each child sat with smiles plastered across their faces and not even squirming! Jim-Bob, the father of this huge brood, announced his oldest son and daughter in law couldn’t be there because she was due with their second grandchild.

When asked by Matt Lauer if they all wanted large families, it was unanimously “yes” for those who knew what he was asking. The younger children just sat, smiled and never moved.

So, I ask you, is this the portrait of the joys of a huge family, or a pronatalistic nightmere? Of course they have the right to make their own choices about procreation. (Remember, their religious beliefs add to their goals. )However, why does media constantly embrace this family? Why are millions watching their TV series? Is it amazement, jealousy or just skeptical distrust of how they are portrayed?



13 Responses to “The Duggers;warm, happy family or pronatal nightmere?”
  1. ElaineByTheBeach says

    Hi Marcia-
    Just came across th is blog today; it’s wonderful.
    The Duggars just scare me outright. “Pronatalist Nightmare” is an apt description. What scares me the most is how fascinated children are with the Duggars’ show. Instead of the show serving as a jumping-off point for discussion responsible family planning(including the right to NOT reproduce), many families I know of think it’s cute or entertaining.

    The show is a postcard for irresponsible family planning, rigid gender roles, and lack of bodily autonomy(Michelle has put herself and unborn kids at risk by having so many, but leaves it up to her god). I was once laid up at home, sick with the flu. I watched a couple of episodes and witnessed the Trainwreck Effect; it was all so appalling that I couldn’t look away. That might explain why others like the show, I don’t know. I think the media embraces this family for the same reason. However, I notice they are getting less publicity in the wake of their youngest daughter’s birth; the little girl was born prematurely, and Michelle was in danger as well. Enough is enough, and I think the brainwashed public finally figured that out.

    • marciawp says

      Welcome Elaine! I am smiling ear to ear this Sunday morning. I love your response. I love how you write and the wisdom in what you share. Maybe you and I can be on a panel discussion in the future? Or, a seminar when I bring my memoir to the public! How did you find me? Where do you live? (I live bear a beach too!)
      By the way, did you see the opening previews on “The Duggers” where she’s asked if we will see another little Dugger this year? Her answer was that she would LOVE that! Cry with me.

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