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June 22nd, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Living Childfree by Choice Weekend Reading List: June 21, 2013

Living Childfree by Choice Weekend Reading List: June 21, 2013

Are you living childfree by choice?  If you are, then you’ll  enjoy the reading list I compiled for this weekend.  The weather hasn’t been  sunny in South Florida this week which means I had extra time to spend to find interesting childfree blog posts.  I hope you enjoy this edition and make good use of the content.  Share this list with other childfree friends and family if you find it useful or entertaining.

Be sure to leave a comment below to let the world know  you’re happily  childfree by choice. Keep up to date with the online community. It will make you smile.

Living Childfree by Choice Weekend Reading List: Blog Posts and Articles

‘BINGO’ GETS A NEW DEFINITION, COURTESY OF CHILDFREE ADULTSLiving childfree by choice takes a tremendous amount of strength and courage.  You’ll find that many people do not accept your decision and make it their personal mission in life to berate you.  That means besides being strong and courageous, you must also have the ability to make light of certain situations.  This blog post talks about one of the ways that you can laugh off the criticism you receive from “well meaning” friends and family.  Read it before someone has the chance to to say, “You’d make a great parent!”  🙂

Pro-Choice: Choosing Not to Parent – Choosing to be childfree is a valid reproductive choice.  You might not have been told this before, but you can live a very happy and fulfilling life without ever having children.  You can also be married and not feel a shred of guilt for not having “fruitful union”.  The choice is up to you.  It will always be up to you.  This excellent blog post delves deeply into the reality of being a childfree women and what this lifestyle has meant to the author. 

Unapologetically child-free – Is their a culture that openly accepts people who live childfree by choice?  I’m certainly not a member of one.   This blog post gives you a look into the life of an Indian woman whom is childfree.  Her family may want her to be a mother, however that’s not what she’s chosen.  She’s content without children!  Do you refuse to apologize for your childfreedom?

Are child-free restaurants unfair? – Childfree people are used to dining without children.    It’s refreshing to have the option to be able to go to a restaurant and dine among other adults.   It’s unfair for the childfree to remain unrecognized in our society. After all, there are plenty of restaurants that cater to families with children.  Why shouldn’t there be a couple of establishments that suit the needs of childfree families? This article broaches the subject of childfree dining while letting you know how your opinion counts.

What are your thoughts about living childfree by choice?  Let me know in a comment below.  I love hearing from the childfree community.

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2 Responses to “Living Childfree by Choice Weekend Reading List: June 21, 2013”
  1. I just finished your book. It is one of the best ones I have read on leading a child free life. It finally helped me feel better about my choice.

    • marciadavis says

      Do you have any idea what your sweet words mean to me?
      What chapter did you like the best and why? Thank you Amber. You just made my day!
      Did you see the call for nominations for International Childfree Man and Woman of the year on my blog?

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