Childfree Reflections

With Marcia Drut-Davis
December 5th, 2016 by Marcia Davis

Holiday Thoughts

It’s that time of the year again. I recently saw a post from a childfree couple who “lost it” for this holiday season. The questioned whether or not having children or grandkids had any influence.
I sighed. Then, thought how their choice of the words “lost it” could easily change with the words, “got it back”.
Holiday excitement can be very taxing on childfree couples if at every party they’re asked when they will settle down,  or if they feel lonely not having kids during the holidays. It’s simply pronatalistic myths.
Many people share with me the delight they have in decorating their homes. Indeed, many are single. Some have animals. Others have a life-partner. They love decorating, hosting parties, going to parties and feeling the delicious freedom not having kids gives to us.
You see? It’s the choices we make in our thoughts creating the feelings we have. Instead of having “lost it” for the holidays and wondering if having had kids would make it different, I suggest having gratitude for what you CAN do without having those kids or grandkids. Here’s a list:
1. Decorate and dance to your favorite music naked! Nobody will fault you. (Close the blinds or shades!)
2. Invite friends to your home! Maybe those neighbors who have kids who AREN’T visiting them?
3. Plan a trip! Go! Enjoy! (Come with us on a nokid group cruise next year!)
4. Go out for a lovely dinner and sleep late the next AM because you can. Parents can’t!
5. Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen.
6. See if there’s a need at BOYS and GIRLS Clubs! Many come from homes where they can’t afford any decorations.
7. Watch those sappy holiday movies while munching on your favorite goodies, chocolate or sipping your favorite wine or drinks.
8. Go to the local mall. They usually have a tree with needy people asking for gifts on them for their kids.(Aren’t you happy you’re not them?)
9. Visit a children’s wing at any hospital and ask how you can help. (Aren’t you glad you’re not there for your own kids or grandkids?)
10. Have gratitude for your own delights, the people who give you joy and the fun of this season. CELEBRATE! DECORATE!

Happy holidays to all!

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