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June 8th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Weekend Reading List – June 7, 2013

Childfree Weekend Reading List – June 7, 2013

Childfree men and women, it’s the second weekend in June.What a rainy week it’s been in South Florida.  Don’t fret if you find yourself stuck inside.  You can make a cup of tea or coffee and catch up on what’s going on in the childfree world.  If the sun is shining where you are, you can ice your beverage of choice.

This reading list is full of blog posts and articles I hope you’ll enjoy.

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Childfree Blog posts and Articles

Childfree 101: Cultural Reproductive Coercion – Being childfree is a choice that’s often not respected by the people in our lives.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that people badger you about it.  Unfortunately, some people find themselves in a primary relationship where their partner uses reproductive coercion as a way to control them.  Reproductive coercion can also rear its ugly head under the guise of a compliment from a friend or family member.  How may times have you been told you would really make a great parent?  Have you ever been in a romantic relationship where you were the victim of reproductive coercion?

How can we stay friends? What moms and childfree women want each other to know. – Have you grown apart from any of your friends who chose parenting?  Are you trying to keep your “mom friends” in your life? This thoughtful blog post covers that exact topic.  You’ll find out what parents wish the childfree knew and what the childfree want parents to understand.  You may be able to use the information in this blog post if you find yourself drifting away from one of your closest mom friends.

Coming Out of the Child-Free Closet – Coming out of the childfree closet can be difficult for anyone.  Making that declaration comes with its own set of unique challenges when you’re coming out as female rabbi who embraces childfreedom!  This article highlights a few of these women and  how they confronted their community.  Sometimes they find it difficult to tell the truth about the life they were born to live.  Are there any childfree leaders in your community?

childfree dot com: some childfree online communities you might want to join or visit – Do you ever find yourself wishing you knew more childfree people?  While you might not be acquainted with a large amount of not-moms and not-dads in the town that you live in, you can still meet plenty of proud childfree people on the internet.  This blog post covers a couple of the good ones.  Are there other online childfree meeting places that you know of?

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What do you think of this childfree reading list?  Did you learn anything new?  Let me know in a comment below.



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