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With Marcia Drut-Davis
July 2nd, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Videos: I Don’t Want Kids

In this childfree video a witty young woman talks about her reasons for not wanting to have children.  She also talks about the way some people perceive women and what their “obligations” are to the world.  Do you relate to what she has to say?  Have you found yourself in a  similar circumstance?  Let the world know in a comment below.



2 Responses to “Childfree Videos: I Don’t Want Kids”
  1. Haha I have heard that “but women were put on this planet to have babies” argument before. Yes we are biologically designed to have that ability, but we’re also designed to be able to make our own choices. Just because I can do something with my body doesn’t mean I HAVE to do it. It’s an option, and not one I’ve elected to choose.

    • marciadavis says

      Here Here! Well said. Another thing to think about is how awful those woman feel who think they were placed on this planet to have a baby and are infertile or have husbands with a low sperm count. The amount of money and challenges they go through to be considered “normal” is terrible, in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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