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With Marcia Drut-Davis
July 30th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Blog Posts: Eating Out in Peace

Living childfree by choice is a lifestlye. Do you wish there were more childfree restaurants? This childfree post indicates that childfree restaurants are doing well.

Do you have any childfree restaurants in your area.  Do you frequent them?

Let us know in a comment below.


4 Responses to “Childfree Blog Posts: Eating Out in Peace”
  1. Denver doesn’t have childfree dining yet. My husband and I are advocating for it on our website. I would think businesses would get the hint and create childfree hours or ban children outright under a certain age. They would do tons of business and make a lot of profit. They seem so scared of parents that they will not take this courageous step.

    • marciadavis says

      Hi Cynthia: (I must check out your website!) As for dining in peace, it’s amazing how defensive parents are to the word “Ban”. It’s as if we are taking a personal attack against their children. All we are looking for is a place we can enjoy our dining experiences without the challenges children may bring.I also wish for childfree zones on beaches and pools!

  2. There are no childfree restaurants in my area but I know that some places in Toronto are considering it. I will visit and probably a lot if they do change to childfree. I love the concept.

    • marciadavis says

      We who are childfree…. agree with you. Keep asking at every restaurant you go to whether or not they will also have a childfree area or time when no children are allowed. (Of course, that will not happen in fast food restaurants!)Keep asking to be seated away from children, too. Thanks for responding.

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