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April 5th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

Parental Instincts?

Many times during my life, I’ve wondered about why I never had any great desire to bear and mother my own child. Often, I felt there was something wrong with me. Why didn’t I have the so-called maternal instinct? I started questioning whether or not it was a real phenomenon. To me, an instinct is something you can’t change like blinking the eyes or protecting yourself from danger.

Now I ask is there any maternal instinct or is this something created by society to fit a pronatalistic society? If it’s real, why is there so much child abuse? If it’s real, why do so many women choose not to have children? Are they lacking an “instinct”?

I believe we are made to perpetuate humankind. However, if that choice is made, I would hope there is sufficient understanding regarding whether or not anyone is parent material or prepared to take on that awesome role. What do you think?