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August 7th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

The New Breast Feeding Baby Doll

You just read that title right. This AM on “The Today Show”, there was an animated discussion about whether or not this new toy was a blessing or a mistake. A poll revealed that 76% were against this doll. However, the displeasure appeared to be the age old argument about breast feeding as a natural part of life!

I was shocked that not one word was mentioned about how pronatalistic it is to insist on giving a little girl a doll in the first place. Now, they have a doll that when placed over a fitted bib, can imitate¬† a sucking movement with a gurgling sound at a little girls breast! Doesn’t anyone see how dangerous this is? It’s not about breast feeding vs bottle feeding. In my opinion, it’s telling¬† little girls mothering is in their future. It should be that a doll is just a toy and that mothering is a choice they can make when they are older!

I was thrilled when parents started giving boys dolls. How could they use this one?