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With Marcia Drut-Davis
July 5th, 2011 by Marcia Davis

Casey Anthony Trial: Is there justice for Caylee?

The Casey Anthony trial in America is now over. Casey was accused of murdering her child Caylee. The jury’s verdict was “not guilty!” Obviously, the jury felt there was reasonable doubt of her guilt because the State failed to prove it was her fault. But, society is screaming the words, “she’s guilty!”

During the 31 days when Casey’s daughter was missing, people saw photos of her in clubs, dancing and seeming to be having fun. She never called 911. She never told her parents her child was missing. She finally lied saying it was a nanny who stole her.

How could any sane mother do that? It’s against the myth of mom and apple pie.

Does anyone see something here not already shared? In my opinion, Casey Anthony was not parent material. Her parents forced her to have her baby. The harsh reality of raising a child was shocking. Day by day, it became more and more of a challenge . When Caylee was a baby, it was easier because babies sleep a lot. As Cayleee started to walk, then talk, then react, Casey was too immature to handle it. She wasn’t prepared or ready for the task. She didn’t want her mom to feel she was not doing a good job. The sad reality resulted in the death of that sweet little girl.

The media frenzy against Casey was frightening to me. If it was another time, she would have been hung or burned at the stake.Now I fear someone will take justice into their own hands and kill Casey.

People want justice for Caylee. I do too. I beg schools to teach what it really means to have, then raise a child. I beg parents to share the realities with their children about having and raising a child. Then, when they reach the age of puberty, they’ll know the importance of using protection or abstaining from sex!

The best justice for Caylee is preventing another tragedy making sure those who choose to parent are ready, willing and taught what parenting really is. For those who say it’s not for them, respect and acceptance should be the reaction.



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