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July 26th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

14 Ways to Celebrate to International Childfree Day When You’re Living Childfree by Choice

Feeling  excited about August 1st being,”International Childfree Day”?  Have you thought of ways  you’d  like to to celebrate?   Maybe you have no clue what to do?

Whatever you plan for this day, remember  this is a day to celebrate your decision to live childfree by choice. You may want to share this with others or just enjoy the moment alone.  May I be the first one to say congratulations.  You made the choice that was right for you. Sometimes, in this pronatalistic society that takes a lot of strength. Sometimes, it’s as easy as can be.

Soon, I will post the two people  named International Childfree Man and Woman of the Year. But that doesn’t mean your own worth and value isn’t as important. It’s you who can show family and friends that you’re living a life of quality, joy and importance. Some of you volunteer to help others. Some are in careers where you touch the lives of people. Indeed some do so much for children as  doctors, educators, or therapists!

So, even if you didn’t win that title this year you have my respect for staying true to yourself.  I hope you continue to make a difference in your community and show the world that the childfree live very fulfilling lives.  Who knows who you might inspire?

Now, before we get into the all the different ways to celebrate you may want to join forces with childfree men and women  who want to get International Childfree Day the attention it rightfully deserves. Let’s be honest; most people will never have heard of this special day. It’s up to us to get the notice we so deserve.

We can go to The View’s Twitter and ask the ladies to talk about International Childfree Day. Tell them you watch the show and would like to have this day recognized.  After all, it is as important as any Mothers or Fathers Day. Right?  Who do you know that can help us? If there’s nobody, do it yourself. You’re important!

While you think about finding support for International Childfree Day here are some ways you can kick off your celebration:


  • Send thank you cards to the people in your life who have supported your choice to be childfree.

  • Send out notes to your childfree friends and family letting them know you’re happy for them.

  • Write a letter to someone who hasn’t been supportive of your choice and let them know your life is great and that you forgive them.

  • Have a festive dinner at your home with your loved ones.

  • Spend the day at the beach with your friends.

  • Join other childfree men and women for a Childfree Google Hangout with me.

  • Go out for a nice breakfast.

  • Write a poem about being childfree.

  • Send your childfree partner/spouse/friend flowers.

  • Plant your favorite tree to commemorate your decision to live childfree by choice.

  • Read books about being childfree.

  • Have a big party that lasts all night.

  • Give yourself the gift of relaxation.

  • Write a letter to yourself about what you want to accomplish in the next 5 years and put in an envelope with the date that you can open it.


Whatever you decide to do on International Childfree is up to you.  Make sure you do something that you love and spend a little time with the people who are most important to you.  That is one of the best formulas for a terrific celebration.


How will you be celebrating International Childfree Day?  Let us know in a comment below.


P.S. You can read the first 2 chapters of my childfree memoir for free.


3 Responses to “14 Ways to Celebrate to International Childfree Day When You’re Living Childfree by Choice”
  1. Danielle Harris says

    Treating myself to lunch. I call it my Childfree “Date Yo Self” Day.

  2. My husband and I organize a child-free MeetUp group … so of course we’ve scheduled a celebration event for Tuesday night!! Thanks for promoting this holiday that is worthy of celebrating!

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