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June 20th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Blog Post: Kids’ Impact on a Marriage – Right from the Mothers’ Mouths

You don’t often get to hear about the entire impact that children have on a marriage.  You usually hear about how amazing the entire experience is and how the couple wouldn’t have it any other way.  This childfree blog post reveals the feelings of some women who are both wives and mothers.  Their marriages definitely  didn’t become easier.  Do you know anyone whose marriage become strained after having a baby?  Are you happy that you’re a member of childfree family and happy that you don’t have to go through the stresses of having a child? Let the world know in a comment below.

June 11th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Childfree Blog Post: 17 Truths About the Childfree by Sylvia D. Lucas

Living the childfree lifestyle is different than living the life of a parent.  You may have more time for yourself or find that you have an alternative set of responsibilities.  Sylvia D. Lucas recently wrote a blog post about our unique lifestyle. 17 Truths About the Childfree is well worth reading. I am partial to number 15 myself. Do you relate to any or all of these 17 truths?   Let me know in a comment below.

June 10th, 2013 by Marcia Davis

Great Childfree Blog Post

Why is it acceptable to seriously question the choice to be childfree?  Why do the childfree need to explain their decisions to everyone?  This thoughtful blogpost discusses some of the situations that Michaela Stephens and her husband face as a childfree family.  Here is the link to the post, Childfree and Happy.   I hope you enjoy reading it.  Do you relate to what she and her husband go through?